Elite Flooring Tasks Sequence

  1. Moving of furniture after the customer prepares the worksight and agreeing on working conditions until installation is completed.
  2. Professional procedures of demolition and removal of existing flooring if needed.
  3. Detailed preparation of flooring for installation.
  4. Installation of the flooring.
  5. Finishing details such as shoe molding & or baseboard depending on the estimate.
  6. Cosmetic detailing & Caulking finishes.
  7. Light cleaning and returning furniture back to its original location.

Customers Clear Acknowledgement & Understanding

  1. Acknowledgment & understanding from customers demolition of tile and or carpet can lead to severe dust. 
  2. We do not cover furniture and appliances unless we are doing tile demolition.  
  3. Projects may take longer than expected due to complications that can only be foreseen once installers are on the jobsite. 
  4. Please remove any and all ‘nick nacks’ from the job area prior to the scheduled work time, anything broken will not be our responsibility or the responsibility of our installers or contractors. 
  5. If the estimate was given for an empty home with no furniture and at the time of install that changes, we will charge a furniture moving fee. 
  6. If something cannot be determined during the estimate, such as a subfloor, and unpredicted issues arise, there may be additional costs that will be discussed with the client during the job. 
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Cosmetic Material such as Moldings & Transitions

  1. You will have transitions going from one type or height of floor to another.
  2. The transition is a close match, but may vary a bit from the flooring.
  3. If the flooring is going over tile then to a different subfloor there will be a transition.
  4. If you change flooring directions, there will be a transition.

Material Warranty & Labor Warranty

  1. All materials are guaranteed under suppliers policies up to lifetime.
  2. Elite Flooring’s labor warranty is valid for 1 year from installation completion Date.
  3. If vinyl is installed over hardwood, laminate, or linoleum (unless approved by the estimator) per customers request, warranty is voided.

Baseboards & Trims

  1. Baseboard rehang: original baseboards will be taken up, reinstalled, and repainted.
  2. New baseboard: old baseboard will be removed, new baseboard will be installed, caulked, and painted.
  3. Shoe molding: will be installed adjacent to the existing baseboard, painted, and caulked.
  4. Customer is responsible for supplying the paint of their choice.

Advertising and Content

Any content taken by Elite Flooring may be used for marketing purposes. This can include but not limited to: social media, online campaigns, newspaper ads & more.


  • Once down-payment is given, cancellations are subject to a minimum 30% restocking fee.
  • 50% Deposit is due upon customer closing. Remaining balances are due no later than 5 business days after completion date to avoid 3% monthly late fees and additional to any legal & attorney charges.
  • We accept Check, Cash, Zelle & Cards (3.5% Fee is charged when paying with card).